Spring Open Studio

Join us for our spring open studio later this month! Friday, April 27th from 6pm-10pm AND Saturday, April 28th from 10am-2pm. Get all the updates on our show at our Facebook event page

Resident artists: Daniel Pruitt, Michelle Mowery, Colleen Croniger (in-studio with M. Mowery)< Shari Sweeney (in-studio with M. Mowery), Katie Hanrahan, Sandy Millman, Melissa Hale, Kim Schoel, Victory Vintage, Richard Schneider, Diana Bjel, Anne Creed, Matt Richards, Danelle Andes, Lauren HB, Margaret C. Nagel, Megan Frankenfield, John Makon, Nicole Destro (in-studio with Kim Schoel), Karen Kitt, Humblebee Winery, Gina Desantis, Kerie Joannes (in-studio with G. Desantis), Scott Saluga (in-studio with G. Desantis), Kara Bryden (in-studio with M. Hale), Barbe Saint John (in-studio with M. Hale), Michael Hudeck, Mark Konys, Rob Durr, Freddy Hill, Tommy Matthews (in-studio with F. Hill)

Visiting Artists - Templar Room: Blastmasters, Robot Consortium, Oceanne, Jenci, Gordana's Natural Soap, Rocket E3, Five Blessings, Planet Egg, Venus In Aquarius Apothecary, Snow, 5 Points Coffee & Tea, Lion of Bali, Kristen Perkins Jewelry, Tidal Cool, Cleveland Street Glass, Gingerly Twisted, Cool Critters, The Copper Twig, Lake Breeze Art, Mary Gut Studio, C. M. Manfredi's Emporium, Maryssa Moczan, Klink Creatively, Sugar Bomb Confections

Visiting Artists - University Tee's East Cafe: Black Branches Photography, The Bom, Girls Best Trend, Lucas Clay Studio, Kyle Holloway, Samantha Wiggins - SW Designs (UT Artist), Liam Hoban - Liam Hoban Artwork (UT Artist), Jacy Nichols - Funerary Fabrications (UT Artist), Ashley Ribblett (UT Artist), Brittany Bierman - Wild Revival Clothing (UT Artist), Travis McCray (UT Artist)