Spring Art Show & Open Studios 2019

Join the Screw Factory Artists & local visiting artists this spring for two days of exploring, shopping, and welcoming of warmer weather.

Resident artists will open their studios so that you can tour, learn, and purchase their goods. We’ll have over 20 visiting artists that will fill the Templar Room. In addition, several resident artists will host guest artists within their studios. You’ll be able to find pottery, photography, collectibles, perfumes, paintings, food, coffee, and much more. As always, the Templar Motor Company will be open and on display for all the car enthusiasts. The Screw Factory is located in the historic Birdtown district of Lakewood, Ohio.

Spring Art Show & Open Studios
May 3rd, 2019 6pm - 10pm
May 4th, 2019 10am - 3pm

Here's the list of outside artists & makers for our upcoming Spring Art Show & Open Studio.

1. Richard Kolar - Apparel
2. Rocket 3E - Apparel
3. Lindy Handmade - Fiber
4. Snow - Fiber
5. Natureation - Jewelry
6. Crestviews Photography - Photography
7. Copper Twig - Photography & Jewelry
8. Venus in Aquarius - Aromatherapy/Oils
9. 1121 Apothecary - Aromatherapy/Soap
10. Tea Dude - Dried tea
11. Bili Kribbs - Mixed Media
12. Paul Fletcher - Mixed Media
13. Planet Egg - Pysanky eggs
14. Last Chance Leather - Leather Handbags
15. Robot Consortium - Wooden Robots
16. Morton Woodworking - Woodwork
17. Lion of Bali - Papergoods/Printworks
18. Letterpress Jess - Papergoods/Printworks
19. The 3 Aprons Bakery - Baked goods, coffee, tea
20. Katie LeVan Artwork - Paintings
21. Pat Broughton Art - Paintings
22. Foundry Woodprint - Wood Signs/Home Decor
23. Mary Hegarty Design - Gourd Art
24. Light Up Labs - Lighting
25. HCG Glass - Glasswork
26. Jennifer Worden - Glasswork

Facebook event: HERE
Screw Factory
13000 Athens Ave
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Parking free. Admission free.


Fall Art Show & Open Studios

Join the Screw Factory Artists & local makers for 2 days of shopping, exploring, and gathering of friends. The Templar cars will be on display, coffee will be flowing, and artists will be ready. We look forward to seeing you. 

November 2nd 6pm - 10pm
November 3rd 10am - 2pm

Admission & parking are free.

Facebook Event - Here


Spring Open Studio

Join us for our spring open studio later this month! Friday, April 27th from 6pm-10pm AND Saturday, April 28th from 10am-2pm. Get all the updates on our show at our Facebook event page

Resident Artists

Daniel Pruitt

Michelle Mowery

Colleen Croniger (in-studio with M. Mowery)

Shari Sweeney (in-studio with M. Mowery)

Katie Hanrahan

Sandy Millman

Melissa Hale

Kim Schoel

Vicki Kozar

Richard Schneider

Diana Bjel

Anne Creed

Matt Richards

Danelle Andes

Lauren HB

Margaret C. Nagel

Megan Frankenfield

John Makon

Nicole Destro (in-studio with Kim Schoel)

Karen Jewell-Kett

Humblebee Winery

Gina Desantis 

Kerie Joannes (in-studio with G. Desantis)

Scott Saluga (in-studio with G. Desantis)

Kara Bryden (in-studio with M. Hale)

Barbe Saint John (in-studio with M. Hale)

Michael Hudecek

Mark Konys

Rob Durr

Freddy Hill

Tommy Matthews (in-studio with F. Hill)

Maureen Moses (in-studio with M.C. Nagel)

Tiffany Lucas

Kailey Marie

Visiting Artists - Templar Room


Robot Consortium



Gordana's Natural Soap

Rocket E3

Five Blessings

Planet Egg

Venus In Aquarius Apothecary


5 Points Coffee & Tea

Lion of Bali

Kristen Perkins Jewelry

Tidal Cool

Cleveland Street Glass

Gingerly Twisted 

Cool Critters

The Copper Twig

Lake Breeze Art

Mary Gut Studio

C. M. Manfredi's Emporium

Maryssa Moczan

Klink Creatively

Sugar Bomb Confections


Blue Lake Botanicals

BAM Studios


Fred & Daisy


Visiting Artists - University Tee's East Cafe

Black Branches Photography

The Bom

Girls Best Trend

Lucas Clay Studio

Kyle Holloway - Paintings

Liam Hoban - Liam Hoban Artwork (UT Artist)

Jacy Nichols - Funerary Fabrications (UT Artist)

Ashley Ribblett (UT Artist)

Stitch Happens CLE - Custom Embroidery (UT Artist)

Travis McCray (UT Artist)

University Tee's Snack Bar

Join us for our first annual Holiday Market!

We have a brand new show for you to attend this holiday season. Join us on Friday, December 15th from 6-10pm or Saturday, December 16th from 10am-6pm. A vendor list will be available shortly along with participating studios. Learn more at our Facebook event page. Click here to get started


Fall Open Studio

We are busy making work for the next open studio to be held on Friday, November 10th from 6-10pm. This event is also free and family friendly. We are once again collecting non-perishable food items for Lakewood Community Center. Drop boxes will be at our entrances. We appreciate any donations you can bring! 

Here is our list of participating resident artists. We hope to update this list weekly. 

Megan Frankenfield, Phyllis Fannin, M.C. Nagel, Karen Jewell-Kett, Martha Cliffel, Kathleen Hanrahan, Diana Bjel, Daniel Pruitt, Sandra Millman, Achala Wali, Robb Durr, Vicki Kozar, Kim Schoel, Leah Gary, Bella Ellie, Lauren HB Studios, John Makon, Michelle Mowery, Matt Richards, Melissa Hale/Yates Apothecary, Gina DeSantis, Marc Konys, Michael Boich, Kim Schoel, Humble Bee Vineyards. You can check out the artwork of each individual artist by clicking here.

Visit our Facebook event page here


Applications are Now Open for the Holiday Market at the Screw Factory!

UPDATE: Applications are now closed. Our Holiday Market will be held Friday, December 15th from 6pm-10pm & Saturday, December 16th from 10am-6pm. Show acceptance emails will go out September 29th as we are still reviewing applications.